Welcome to the-pharm.co.uk
welcome to the pharm

A Holistic approach to Beauty, Maintenance
and Wellbeing

At The Pharm we see ourselves as a place for nourishment, feeding,
good health and wellbeing - so really a farm for your face,
skin and body.

Were an intimate and friendly local salon and were passionate
about Beauty! We try and tailor-make our treatments to
suit each person, and to address specific concerns so we can
make sure you get the best results.

Our aim is simple - to help you look and feel your best.
So whether its for a leg wax, a course of rejuvenation treatments
or just simply for incredible skin, we look forward to welcoming
you to The Pharm.

a: 148 Fleet Road, London NW3 2QX      t: 020 7485 3039     e: solveig@the-pharm.co.uk
  Opening Times: Mon-Tue 10-6 | Wed/ Thur/ Fri- 9-8 | Sat 9-5 | Sun-11-4